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 It is the biggest wind farm refurnishing project ever made in Spain.
 Surus Inversa is auctioning 141 wind turbines and 43 electrical substations, aiming for international markets.
 The principles of circular economy are applied to the project. The life cycle of the equipment will be extended thanks to waste reduction, asset reuse and recycling.

Madrid, January 29th 2019 Surus Inversa began working on the dismantling of the wind farms, located on Zas and Corme (A Coruña). It is the biggest wind farm dismantling project ever made in Spain. The dismantling and reconditioning of both wind farms will enable the sale of 141 wind turbines, 9 measurement towers and 43 electrical substation.

This project will be the first step to the refurbishing of these wind farms, since all 17 wind turbines will be replaced for newer models generating the same output power. Zas’ Wind Farm has currently 80 wind turbines each generating 300 kilowatts. The total output is 24 000 kilowatts. Corme’s Wind Farm consists of 61 wind turbines, producing a total output of 18 300 kilowatts.

The machinery will be auctioned in Surus Inversa’s online portal for industrial auctions, Any interested buyer will be able to verify all assets during the planned visits to the facilities on February 13th and 20th. The equipment is ready for a second life and works perfectly thanks to its good condition. Surus Inversa is already working on international markets, where turbines and the rest of assets are more appreciated, especially in South America.

The principles of circular economy are applied to the project management. The life cycle of the equipment will be extended thanks to reduction, reuse and recycling. The first goal is to prioritize reusing the whole machines and components. Alternatively, components are reused as spare parts for similar equipment. Finally, the components that, due to their nature and economic value can be transformed for a different use, are recycled. One example of this is the fiberglass extracted from the blades of the wind turbines. It can be incorporated to clinker, the main ingredient for manufacturing cement. Surus Inversa will also handle and manage all waste generated during the project.

The company will apply to this project the experience gained during 2016 dismantling of Malpica de Bergantiños’ Wind Farm, in A Coruña. During this project, 69 wind turbines and 15 electrical substations were sold for three times the minimum price. 90% of the companies were from outside Spain.

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