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Las últimas noticias de Spares in Motion y la industria de turbinas eólicas. 

M. Huyzer

Enhanced Windfarm Management Strategies from Engie, EDPR and Iberwind

Dear user of Spares in Motion,

J. Sauer

To support EDF in there Vestas V52 operation SIM will ship a refurbished Vestas V52 generator (Weier), packed and sealed ready for transport.

J. Sauer

For the transport and storage of Blades Scottish power ordered special frames at Spares in Motion. These frames can be placed on a truck and can hold a complete blade set, 3 blades.

J. Sauer

Renew, DELOM and Kuma brakes joined Spares in Motion to offer their products online. With these 3 companies Spares in Motion is increasing their product covering for North American buyers. Renew is specialized in Gearbox repair. Kuma is supplying high performance brakes including the brake pads and Delom is specialized in the repair of generators. For more information please see: