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    • Cornis Intrablade: Safe, secured and accurate camera-based internal blade inspections
      Cornis Intrablade is an innovative solution for safe, standard and accurate internal blade inspections. Cornis Intrablade consists of a 360° HD camera that is lowered in each blade cavity to fully scan the inside of the blades, while preventing work in confined spaces. As the perfect addition to our Cornis Panoblade hardware for external blade inspections, the proposed added-value remains the same: simplicity, rapidity, safety, accuracy, traceability, standardization, optimization. Just like Panoblade, we can train your technicians to use Cornis Intrablade hardware themselves. Save costs and mobilize less personnel thanks to our tool! Once the blade cavities are scanned, Cornis will collect the data and handle the post processing and reporting phase. You'll therefore have access to the data on our web-based platform and be able to navigate inside of your blades just like on Google Street View to spot defects (Cornis will handle the expertise if need be). Once it is done, you can generate reports, compare internal defects with external blade defects, etc. Contact us for more info! Companies such as Natural Power, Akuo Energy, Dong or MHI Vestas are already using Intrablade! Service category:  Blade inspections Windturbine brand:  All Windturbine type:  All
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