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All the Gearboxea suitable for GE turbines

Find here Winergy, Bosch Rexroth and many other brands of gearboxes, all suitable for GE wind turbines of different types. Explore the list, find what you need and get in touch directly with the supplier. 

    • Gearbox repair Bosch Rexroth GPV-451T i:97.721
      Component repairs
      Gearbox repair Bosch Rexroth GPV-451T i:97.721 Windturbine type:  GE 1.5 Windturbine brand:  GE Product group:  Gearboxes Exchange components:  Yes Warranty:  Yes Expected lead time:  4w Refurbishment Scope Gear: The standard refurbishment scope for gearboxes is: 1. All bearings are exchanged to new or OEM refurbished with the same type as in the original gearbox, equivalent or a better quality. 2. Bearing seats in the gearbox housing are repaired to meet CWS standards. 3. All gear teeth are polished, or if necessary grinded, according to CWS standards. 4. Shafts are measured and refurbished with surface treatment and grinding if necessary. 5. Sealings are exchanged. 6. Mechanical and electrical pumps are refurbished. 7. Painting of the gearbox. 8. Oil according to customer or OEM standards is included. 9. The gearbox is spin tested according to CWS standard, and the oil is filtered. The standard refurbishment scope for gears does NOT include: 1. Gears and shafts that need to be exchanged. 2. Damages to the gearbox housing that makes it unusable. 3. Other articles not specified in the included scope. Gearbox- External equipment: The scope of external equipment on the gearbox is quoted separately according to customer requirements and to minimum standards for CWS gearboxes. The standard refurbishment scope for the external equipment is: 1. Offline pumps are refurbished. 2. Wiring is checked. 3. Sensors are checked. 4. New or refurbished electrical oil pump 5. New oil hoses If the external equipment that is returned is not the same or comparable and in a state that can be refurbished, the cost of replacing the external equipment will be post invoiced.
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