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Alberto Vázquez Arrojo, Wind Open Brokers

Operation & Maintenance - Wind Open Brokers

The Spares in Motion team has done an excellent, dedicated work to help our company in the last few months. Thank to the collaboration with Spare in Motion, we have gained a lot of visibility in the market, and we know that this will translate into sales growth during 2017.


Daniele Massari

Managing Director

Spares in Motion allowed us to get in touch with customers that we would have not been able to contact. it works as a filter and ensures the seriousness and professionalism of the customer you contact.

Thanks to Spares in Motion we have greatly increased our business and sales abroad: we proposed our regeneration, maintenance and repairing services and the purchase of our renewed generators to customers from Germany, Denmark, England, Ireland and Spain and more.


Ruud Anink

Vendor Manager

We, Eneco, have used the Spares in Motion trading platform already 3 times to promote and sell complete wind turbines. It seems that the SIM platform is the trading platform in the wind industry and is used by the correct audience in this Industry; serious buyers.

The structure of Spares in Motion makes it easy for visitors to find the correct products and provided us with several new contacts with wind park owners and suppliers of wind turbines.

It is Eneco’s preference to deal directly with potential wind turbine owners and not via a third party. The trading platform Spares in Motion provides this opportunity and attracts serious buyers and sellers in this industry.


Susan Jesche

After Sales / Deutsche Windtechnik Services

SIM is developing all the time forward! The improvements made during the last year are amazing. The list of users is growing steadily. Team support is great: questions are always answered by the team and tailored-advice is always given. The platform offers good and easy link to potential customers, and a showcase to present our services worldwide.