Airbrake/Flap/Tip AERPAC APX 40, 42/44T, 45, 46, 48T, 56P, 60T Compatible with Various wind turbines

Airbrake/Flap/Tip with RE.WIND warranty. New. Compatible with the following AERPAC blades models: APX 40, APX 42/44T, APX 45, APX 46, APX 48T, APX 56P, APX 60T.... If you need additional information or confirm delivery time, please do not hesitate to contact RE. WIND.
If you are in need of a Airbrake/Flap/Tip AERPAC APX 40, 42/44T, 45, 46, 48T, 56P, 60T, you can contact our selected partner as this item is included in their vast offer of spare parts for wind turbines. The product is new and can be delivered Within 2 weeks. This product (in product group: Wind Turbine Blades) can be used in Various type wind turbines. The manufacturer of this spare part is AERPAC.
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Within 2 weeks
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