Siemens Line/Motor Yaw Module, 6SL3120-ITE23-OAA3/6SL3120-ITE23-0AA4 A9B00030312/A9B10154927/A9B00030354 6SL3120-1TE24-5AA3 Compatible with Siemens wind turbines

Has your wind farm experienced Siemens Yaw Module failures? TeamSesco is the premier Siemens Yaw Module Refurbishment provider and has your solution! With full refurbishment, preventative maintenance, and our meticulous processes, your asset is sure to perform as good as, if not better than new!

  • Unit is fully inspected and cleaned of foreign material. Any initial damage is documented.
  • ALL limited lifetime and high failure components (Including but not limited to opto couplers, and electrolytic capacitors) are replaced with new higher temperature rated and longer lifetime components to prevent further breakdown.
  • The unit is then preliminarily bench tested using custom test equipment under 24V control power. Any failures found are verified and corrected.
  • The Sinamics modules are all tested as a complete system comprised of the control unit, line module, and motor module.
  • Siemens Yaw Modules are FULLY LOAD & COMM. TESTED– This test is identical to field operation.
  • STAR service guarantee and barcode tracking included with every product shipped from TeamSesco.

These Siemens Yaw Modules units are offered as rebuilt and include a 1-year warranty from ship date! 

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