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Ensure the long-term success of your wind energy project with our spare parts solutions!


With an extensive knowledge of the wind aftermarket supply chain combined with our independent and trustful network of partners, we can provide tailor-made spare part solutions to keep wind turbines running efficiently, sustainably, and economically. Our aim is to help our customers reduce downtime, improve the performance of their wind turbines, and promote a more sustainable wind energy operation.

You will find here the best sourcing options for New, Repaired, and Refurbished wind turbine parts and competitive prices and quick lead times. 

Take control of your wind turbine operations throughout and after their useful life and embrace the power of an independent and professional spare parts management for a future you we rely on! 

Marketplace (for sellers and buyers)


The largest global multi-brand wind turbine platform matches buyers and suppliers of spare part needs to offer a complete catalog of new, repaired, and refurbished parts and services. You can use the platform to buy and sell main components, minor components, consumables, complete turbines, repair services, and other services.

What we offer Marketplace

Increase your products and services visibility to the wind turbine market


  • Global and high exposure 24/7
  • List as many parts as you want
  • Reach worldwide buyers
  • Get inquiries and orders at any time
  • Negotiate with the buyer directly
  • Get access to relevant data (views, clicks, RFQs, etc)
  • Constant, professional, and responsive customer support


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Buy from the best global suppliers in an easy and safe way


  • Wide range of products and services listed - suitable for wind turbines manufactured by Vestas, GE, Siemens-Gamesa, Ecotecnia, Nordex, Suzlon, and other brands
  • + 40 trusted global suppliers (manufacturers, suppliers, inventory holding companies, and distributors)
  • Multiple source options
  • Receive online quotes at any time
  • Negotiate with the sellers directly
  • Constant, professional, and responsive customer support

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Customized Procurement Services


Our team of Sales Managers is dedicated to finding competitive solutions to your most complex spare parts needs and handles QA/QC, Logistics, and Warranty.

Tell us what you need, and we will take care!

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Know the benefits!

  • Strong and global sellers and suppliers’ network
  • Access to a robust and dependable supply chain of spare parts
  • Improved administration efficiency
  • The spare parts are supplied directly to your wind farm
  • Fast and efficient customer service
  • Highly experienced multi-language consulting professionals
  • Expertise in sourcing parts from a scattered market for mature wind turbines

Refurbishment Solutions


We thoroughly refurbish the component, bringing it to a like-new or even better condition. We expertly manage all aspects of the process from start to finish, delivering a fully functional and ready-to-use component.

Save costs, reduce CO2, and shorten your lead time!


Know the benefits!

  • Reduced environmental impact: as compared to manufacturing a new component, refurbishing reduces CO2 emissions by 45%, on average, and reuses up to 70% of materials.

  • Cost savings: refurbishing components can be significantly cheaper (20% to 60%) than new ones.

  • Reduced lead times: 3-8 weeks depending on the component and scope while the lead time for new parts can be up to one year.

  • Improved performance: refurbishment can improve the performance of components, leading to increased power generation and overall efficiency of the wind turbine.