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DeWind wind turbines and spare parts. DeWind is the world’s leading producer of wind turbines. DeWind has been building strong future for the wind industry for more than 20 years. More than 1,000 DeWind wind turbines are generating wind energy in over 15 countries. DeWind wind turbines and DeWind spare parts have proven to be innovative, high-performing, and reliable.

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DeWind wind turbines for sale

You can purchase new, used, and refurbished DeWind wind turbines through Spares in Motion, a unique e-platform for the wind turbine aftermarket.

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DeWind spare parts

Interested in DeWind spare parts? On Spares in Motion, you can find a wide range of DeWind spares, from DeWind blades to DeWind control units. Narrow down your search by specifying the country and the condition of the DeWind part you are searching for.

DeWind spares and supplies

DeWind maintenance, repairs and service

You need to take good care of your DeWind wind turbine to ensure its productivity and long life cycle. You can easily add extra years to the lifespan of your DeWind wind turbine with the help of proper maintenance. On Spares in Motion, you can get in touch with a large number of DeWind maintenance providers who will keep your DeWind wind turbine in excellent condition by preventing malfunctioning and correcting the work of the turbine.

DeWind turbine parts repairs

Certain components of your DeWind wind turbine can wear out or break over time. You can order new DeWind parts straight away, but there is another, more cost-effective solution. On Spares in Motion, you can find a wide range of repair shops and wind technicians who can get your broken or malfunctioning DeWind blade, DeWind generator, or other DeWind component fixed.

DeWind wind turbine services

Spares in Motion also features a database of DeWind service providers offering DeWind blade inspection, 24/7 monitoring, security checks, and a large variety of other services that are essential for your DeWind wind turbine’s efficiency.

More about DeWind

DeWind was founded in 1995 in Lübeck, Germany. The headquarters are located in Irving, Texas and Hamburg, Germany, while Lübeck and Round Rock, Texas house the company’s production capacities. DeWind have produced wind turbines with power range of 500 to 2,000 kW. DeWind wind turbines feature innovative design solutions which result in maximum efficiency and longevity.

Optimizing your DeWind wind turbine installation

In 2008, the company installed DeWind D8.2 (2,000 kW) turbine at record-breaking elevation of 4,300 metres. The site is located at the Veladero gold mine in the Andes. Despite the unpredictable nature of the site and other technical difficulties, the turbine has proven to be highly reliable. Even if your site isn’t as complicated, wind turbine installation will require professional assistance. On Spares in Motion, you can get in touch with some of the most experienced specialists who will help you with DeWind wind turbine erection.

DeWind parts and service for future wind energy

The future of the wind industry is very bright. Very soon wind farms will become the most cost-effective source of renewable energy. The European Union has estimated that by 2020 as much as 13 percent of energy consumed in E.U. will be produced at wind farms. Invest in longevity of your DeWind wind turbine with DeWind spares and DeWind services, which you can get through Spares in Motion.