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Here you find all wind turbine related services to support your wind turbine during it's total life cycle. From a wind turbine technician, the selection of the best location for your wind turbine to the erection and dismantling of your wind turbine.

Wind turbine maintenance

8 items
All wind turbine maintenance services, including repairs, non-destructive tests, general maintenance and assessments, optimization and inspections for Gamesa, Vestas, and others

Main component replacement

3 items
Replacements of main components of different kinds and for different brands of wind turbines

Other Inspections & Certification

0 items
Periodic inspections, vibration monitoring, turbines endoscopy and much more, for different brands of turbines.

Upgrades & Modification

8 items
Lubrication, position controllers, yaw brake systems modification, upgrades for generators and blades and many other upgrades and modifications available

Condition monitoring

0 items
Predictive maintenance by monitoring the condition of machinery on parameters such as vibration, noise and temperature.


0 items
Consultancy, audits and strategic advice and much more for wind park owners and operators of different brands and types of turbines

Turbine training

0 items
Discover all the trainings for 600-1499 kW, 1500-2999 kW, 3000 – 4500 kW turbines. The trainings are suitable for Siemens, Bonus, Vestas, GE and many other wind turbines.

Blade service & repair

0 items
Blades are one of the cost drivers in wind turbine maintenance. The access to your blades can be done by rope or MEWP.

Blade inspections

0 items
Inspections of wind turbine blades onshore, offshore, inside or outside, in Europe and worldwide. Inspection by rope access, camera or with a drone