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Gamesa is a technology leader in the wind industry with over 20 years' experience and more than 31,200 MW installed in over 50 countries worldwide. Spares in Motion is the e-business platform that brings together buyers and suppliers of Gamesa turbines, spares and services.

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Gamesa wind turbines for sale

You find Gamesa wind turbines for sale from various vendors all over the world on Spares in Motion, the independent marketplace for the wind turbine aftermarket. Get an overview of current turbine models for sale or submit a search request, if the wind turbine of your choice is not listed.

Our Gamesa wind turbines for sale are:

  • within 500Kw – 3.0 MW  range
  • in new, used, repaired or serviceable condition
  • immediately available

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Gamesa spare parts

Gamesa is strongly represented in the wind energy market all over the world. To keep all these turbines up and running, the demand for Gamesa spare parts is quite big. Spares in Motion connects buyers and suppliers of new and second-hand Gamesa wind turbine blades and other Gamesa parts, such as generators, rotors or Gamesa gearboxes, for example. Gamesa parts are available in various conditions, from new to used to serviceable. Why keep expensive stock yourself? Use Spares in Motion as your virtual warehouse for Gamesa parts!

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Gamesa maintenance, repairs and service

Gamesa repairs and maintenance services add additional value to your Gamesa wind turbines and components. They keep your installation in optimal condition and increase service life. Spares in Motion is your trusted link in finding specialized Gamesa wind turbine technicians to do the job.


Gamesa wind turbine maintenance

When your Gamesa wind turbine requires maintenance, you want it carried out quickly by skilled Gamesa technicians. Acting as a completely independent mediator for the wind turbine aftermarket, Spares in Motion brings buyers and suppliers together for swift and solid Gamesa maintenance.


Gamesa turbine parts repairs

Spares in Motion helps you choose from many specialist repair shops for Gamesa parts repairs. Swift and reliable engineers, ensuring the lowest possible downtime and longest service life. From Gamesa wind turbine gearboxes, Gamesa generators to Gamesa controlers modules.

Spares in Motion is also a useful platform for Gamesa technicians and engineers to offer their expert wind turbine services.


Gamesa wind turbine services

In addition to maintenance and repairs, you find many other services to support your Gamesa wind turbine during its total life cycle on Spares in Motion, including Gamesa installation technicians to do the job anywhere in the world. Simply select the Gamesa installation technician of your choice and submit a request for quote.

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More about Gamesa

With over 20 years of experience in wind turbine  technology, Gamesa has production centers in the main wind markets. Spain and China are the global production and supply hubs, while local production capacity is maintained in India, US, and Brazil.


Optimizing your Gamesa wind turbine installation

Next to being a leader in the wind industry, Gamesa is also a world leader in the development, construction and sale of wind farms, having installed 6,400 MW worldwide. All these wind turbines need to be kept in optimal condition by expert maintenance and service. Spares in Motion is the e-business platform to buy or sell Gamesa wind turbine services. You find blade inspection, logistic services, upgrade and modifications, consultancy, training and staffing available from companies all around the globe. Likewise, you find Gamesa spare parts and Gamesa repairs for all Gamesa components. You can quickly and easily search for a Gamesa gearbox, rotor, and turbine generator or for specific Gamesa repairs and repair services. Optionally, you can narrow your search down to your own region or the condition of the Gamesa parts.