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General Electric (GE) is one of the world's largest and most prominent players in the wind industry. GE offers a wide range of wind turbines that are designed for use in onshore, offshore, and distributed wind power applications. The global company has made several acquisitions in the wind turbine industry over the years: Eron Wind in 2002, ScanWind in 2009, Wind Tower Systems in 2010, Converteam in 2011, Alstom Power and Blade Dynamics in 2015, and LM Wind Power in 2017. Some of GE’s wind turbine models include: GE1.5, GE1.6, GE1.7, GE1.8, GE2.0, GE2.7, GE2.8, GE3.0, GE4.0, GE5.3, GE5.5, GE750, Haliade 150, Hal-x, among others.

GE products (2690)