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Siemens new and used wind turbines, parts, maintenance, repairs and services. Buy or sell on Spares in Motion, e- business platform for the wind turbine aftermarket. Siemens is a world leading supplier of onshore and offshore wind power solutions. With over 30 years of experience and an installed capacity of more than 2.5 gigawatts on open sea, Siemens claims to be the undisputed leader of the offshore wind power industry.

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Siemens wind turbines for sale

You will find used and new Siemens wind turbines for sale on Spares in Motion, the supply and demand e-platform for the wind turbine aftermarket. Get an overview of current turbine models for sale or submit a search request, if the wind turbine of your choice is not listed.

Our Siemens wind turbines for sale range from:

  • 1.5 MW – 3.0 MW
  • in new, used, repaired or serviceable condition
  • immediately available

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Siemens spare parts

Clicking Siemens turbine parts on Spares in Motion provides you with a vast range of cost-effective spare parts, components and supplies for Siemens on- and offshore wind turbines. From Siemens innovative blades and generators, through to electrical, mechanical or hydraulic spare parts. Shipped to your area within 24 hours, if necessary. View also the availability of all Siemens / Winergy gearboxes on Spares in Motion. 

Suppliers of Siemens spare parts will find an additional sales channel on Spares in Motion. Through one single website you get into contact with potential buyers of Siemens components all over the world. Extend your business and find new customers for your Siemens spare parts.


Siemens parts and supplies

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We can still help you if you fill out the wind turbine request from. We will forward your request immediately to all relevant suppliers in our database.


Siemens maintenance, repairs and service

Siemens maintenance, repairs and service keep your Siemens wind turbines and components in optimal condition. Spares in Motion connects buyers and suppliers.


Siemens wind turbine maintenance

Your Siemens wind turbine will require maintenance and repair from time to time either scheduled or not. A completely independent mediator, Spares in Motion brings buyers and suppliers together for swift and solid Siemens maintenance. This will keep your Siemens turbines running optimally throughout their entire lifecycle.


Siemens turbine parts repairs

Repairing your valuable Siemens spare parts is often far more cost-effective than replacing them with new parts. On Spares in Motion you find many specialist repair shops. Experienced companies dedicated to Siemens turbine component repairs. They offer you reliable engineers, ensuring the lowest possible downtime and longest service life. From Siemens generators, Siemens blades to Siemens gearboxes and more.


Siemens wind turbine services

In order to optimize your Siemens wind turbine during its entire life cycle, you find many other support and optimization services to support your wind turbine in addition to regular maintenance and repairs services. The Spares in Motion platform includes reliable partners with in-depth knowledge and the right tooling for Siemens main component replacement, inspections, training and education and more for all Siemens wind turbines.


More about Siemens

Siemens Wind Power offers highly efficient, solid and reliable wind turbines to meet both energy and environmental needs for onshore, coastal and offshore sites. One of Siemens’ objectives is to make renewable energy independent of subsidies. Therefore, driving down the cost of wind power is one of their key targets.


Siemens wind power efficiency

Siemens platform strategy for onshore, coastal and offshore wind power plants is fundamental to this approach. With innovations in blade design and generator technology, they boost efficiency. This becomes evident in their most popular wind turbines: ….At the same time, systematic modularization allows Siemens to streamline the entire manufacturing and installation process. Adequate maintenance of Siemens turbines and components carried out by skilled and experience engineers contributes to retain high-efficiency levels


Siemens onshore and offshore leadership

Siemens has been pioneering wind power technology for more than 30 years, next to other types of renewable energy, including solar, hydro and biomass power. Nearly 13,000 Siemens wind turbines around the world with a total capacity of 21 GW help to provide clean, renewable energy to private and business consumers worldwide.

In offshore wind power, Siemens is the most experienced company within the industry. With the creation of the world’s first offshore wind power plant in 1991 in Denmark, Siemens established the industry.

Siemens occupies a leading position within onshore wind power, having been awarded the world’s largest single onshore order to date: a 1,050 MW order from Mid American Energy in the USA for a series of onshore wind power plants in Iowa.