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american clean power 2024 | wind turbine

ACP - American Clean Power 2024

Published by Marcella Mello

ACP - American Clean Power 2024 | Minneapolis, MN, USA

The development of the renewable energy sector and the advancements in technology, coupled with increasing environmental awareness, have driven the growth of solar, wind, hydroelectric, and other alternative power sources around the world. The urge to truly shift towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy approach is opening discussions not only about the development of these energy sources but also on prioritizing circularity, sustainability, and resource efficiency in the current operations. 

Like many other energy sources, the wind sector has also experienced remarkable exponential growth in recent years. Wind turbines, for instance, are getting larger, more sophisticated, and numerous, changing and creating new challenges for wind players around the world who want to keep their operations even more cost-efficient and sustainable. However, it is crucial to discuss and adopt impactful strategies to empower owners and operators to uphold peak performance throughout the turbine's lifespan and beyond, considering performance optimization, within a circular economy framework.

In light of this, we, at Spares in Motion, are happy to announce our participation in the CLEAN POWER 2024 Conference and Exhibition. The conference will take place in Minneapolis (USA), from  May 06 to 09, and it will bring together renewable energy technologies and different segments, such as manufacturers, owner-operators, utilities, financial firms, corporate buyers, and more, to facilitate unity across the sector landscape. By creating a collaborative environment for industry professionals and their companies to discuss renewable energy topics, it will be possible to, along with many other relevant players, spearhead transformative changes across the industry and its whole value chain.

The Spares in Motion team of experts wants to meet participants' expectations and exchange experience with other players to explore and showcase the latest technologies in cutting-edge wind turbine components management strategies and solutions. We can't wait to meet you in person!

Visit booth #2353 Let's boost the efficiency and sustainability of clean energy infrastructure together!

Justin Canup - Spares in Motion

With a focus on circular practices, we have been working on presenting innovative products to support the wind aftermarket in their operations maintenance and life extension, by providing wind turbine spare parts solutions to ensure the reliability, sustainability, and profitability of global wind operations. We are thrilled to present effective solutions to help wind turbine owners and operators save costs, reduce CO2, and shorten lead times through the refurbishment of wind turbine components to bring them to a like-new or even better condition, expertly managing the whole process to deliver a functional and ready-to-use product to our customers around the world

- Justin Canup | Business Development Director  []

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