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Guideline for sellers 01

FOR SELLERS: start selling your products and services now

Published by Marcella Mello

1. Creating an account

a) To join and start selling spare parts and services in the largest digital community of the wind industry in an easy and secure way, it is necessary to register and create an account - for free. If you already have an account, you just need to log in.

GL sellers - image 01

b) Choose the Business Account type and fill-in your phone number, country, and company name


c) If the company does not exist in the system yet, you can create it and you automatically become the ADMIN (administrator) of this company and you will be able to manage the company profile within the system. If the company already exists in the system, you can select it by clicking on the company’s name to send a membership request to the admin. The membership will appear as “pending” until the admin user of your company accepts your request.

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gl sellers image 04 - 2


2. Subscribing to a plan

a) Go to the page and select the plan that best fits your needs

b) Fill in the questionnaire that is shown and click the “Send” button. A member of the Spares in Motion team will contact you to set up and activate your Seller’s account.

gl sellers image 05 questionnaire


3. Know your workspace

a) On the right top of the page header, click on the profile icon > “My account” to access your workspace [Your workspace is an area where you can see and edit your information, check, and update your RFQs, manage your products, and control your orders and invoices].

gl sellers image 06 - workspace

b) The lateral menu on your left will help you to easily visualize all the boards available in your workspace:

gl sellers image 07 - workspace menu


4. Creating and managing a (new) company profile

Once you created a new company when selecting a business account, you will be able to manage the company profile in your workspace.

See and edit your company details:

a) Access your workspace;

b) On the lateral menu, click on “My company” > “Edit details” to start adding or editing your company basic information. By adding detailed information about your company, you will generate more confidence within the platform's community, resulting in more business.

  1. Description of your company;
  2. Attachments (any documentation you find important to publish);
  3. Company avatar (logo);
  4. Contact Information (address, phone number, general email, and website);
  5. Click on “Save” to keep your changes.

See and edit members of your company:

a) Access your workspace

b) On the lateral menu, click on “My company” > “Member” to see and edit the table containing the members linked to your company. As an Admin, you are allowed to remove or edit members accesses.

gl sellers image 08 - members

See, accept, or refuse pending members request

When a new user selects your company when creating an account, you will need to confirm that he can become a member. To do so, follow these steps:

a) Access your workspace;
b) On the lateral menu, click on “My company” > “Membership requests” to see member waiting for your approval;
c) You can approve or reject the membership
d) Before completing the approval, you have the possibility to assign the pending member as administrator, if necessary

gl sellers image 09 - members approval

Spares in Motion wishes you a great experience with the platform!
If you have any doubt or want to report an issue, contact us at