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acp OMS 2024

ACP - OMS 2024

Published by Marcella Mello

Ensuring a wind turbine's long and healthy life depends on how efficiently and safely it operates. To achieve this, it's crucial to explore and implement effective strategies to support owners and operators in maintaining optimal performance over the turbine's entire lifespan.

The ACP's Operations, Maintenance & Safety Conference (OMS) is a great opportunity to stay ahead in the constantly changing clean energy workforce. The Conference, held in San Diego, California, from 21 to 23 of February, will address critical aspects of ongoing operations in the realm of clean energy production, bringing together leaders, experts, and external stakeholders for discussions on the latest in health and safety, operations and maintenance, training and development, and quality assurance. Participants will get the chance to listen to industry experts, participate in hands-on workshops, and connect with professionals who share similar interests.

The Spares in Motion team, aiming to attend participants' expectation and exchange experience with other big industry players, will participate as an exhibitor to explore and showcase the latest innovations on cutting-edge wind turbine spare parts management solutions. This year, with a special focus on the refurbishment of wind turbine components, we are thrilled to present effective solutions to help wind turbine owners and operators to save costs, reduce CO2, and shorten lead times through the refurbishment of wind turbine components in order to bring them to a like-new or even better condition, expertly managing the whole process to deliver a functional and ready to use product to our customers around the world.

Our team of wind turbine spare parts specialists can't wait to meet you in person. Visit booth #104 to know more or contact to schedule a time to chat! It is time to bring together the most knowledgeable minds in the clean energy sector and create a collaborative environment for discussing issues that are important to industry professionals and their companies. Let's boost the efficiency and sustainability of clean energy infrastructure together!

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