ADDINOL COMBIPLEX OG 05, 18kg Compatible with All wind turbines

ADDINOL Combiplex OG 05 is an especially developed lithium-calcium-complex-fat based on mineral oils. range of operating temperature: -30°C to + 140°C, short time up to +180°C ADDINOL Combiplex OG 05 contains no conventional EP- and AW-additives. Because of its highly developed La-Ca thickener it achieves much better results regarding wear protection and load carrying capacity than lubrication fat added with typical EP-AW additives. • perfectly suitable for lubrication of highly pressurized roller and plain bearings in increased bearing temperatures • good usage with immersion or circulation lubrication as well as with spray lubrication of large gear rim drives (rotary furnace, tube mill, drums and similar machines in cement, lime, cast, mine and chemistry industry as well as power plants) • excellent usage in middle and large drives in sugar and paper factories, in marine and offshore techniques • usable under difficult service conditions and extremely high loads • long life time of machine parts • direkt contact to water is possible NOTE Viscosity to be used depends largely on the use cases, the operating conditions, as well as the manufacturer's instructions in the respective application. TERMS OF DELIVERY Deliveries outside Germany are performed by ADDINOL dealers, consequently, the delivery time may vary depending on the delivery location. Please enquire the respective delivery conditions of the respective country of destination in advance.
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