ADDINOL Eco Gear 150 W, drum (205l) Compatible with All wind turbines

ADDINOL ECO GEAR 150W was especially designed for the lubrication and protection of gearboxes in wind turbines. • Highly recommended for highest specific loads of friction partners, dynamically changing loads and critical thermal conditions in bearings and gears. • Suitable for use in enclosed industrial gear units of different types. • Ideally suited for lubrication of circulation systems, if lubricants of base oil group I through IV are not sufficient. • Working temperature: -35 °C (ISO VG 460 from -30 °C) to +120 °C, for short time up to +150 °C. The performance of ADDINOL Eco Gear W includes maximum oxidation stability, effective protection against wear and ageing, extended oil change intervals while reducing friction between friction partners. Thus, an improvement of the transmission efficiency across virtually all operating conditions in the drive train of the slow running up to the maximum speed is achieved. • Maximum shear stability • Lower power loss • Ensures pumpability even at extreme minus temperatures • Increases efficiency, lowers temperatures • Extended service life, prevents rust • Neutral behavior towards all types of plastics • High-performance for future challenges! Meets and exceeds the requirements of specifications: • DIN 51517-3 • ISO 12925-1 • AGMA 9005-E02 NOTE Viscosity to be used depends largely on the use cases, the operating conditions, as well as the manufacturer's instructions in the respective application. TERMS OF DELIVERY Deliveries outside Germany are performed by ADDINOL dealers, consequently, the delivery time may vary depending on the delivery location. Please enquire the respective delivery conditions of the respective country of destination in advance.
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