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Bonus (now Siemens) was a leading manufacturer of wind turbines, and in 2004 it was acquired by Siemens. With Bonus’ expertise in turbine manufacturing and Siemens’ expertise in project management, it reinforced the company's position as one of the main players in the industry.  Some of Bonus' wind turbine models include: B120, B95, B150, B250, B300, B450, B500, B600, B1000, B1300, B2000, B2300, among others.

Bonus products (295)

LM 14,4 m HHT blades

Condition: Used

LM 14,4 m HHT blades , 4 sets very good condition Turbine type M750 etc If you would like to receive more information please do not hesitate to contact me. Fit also to NTK 300, Bonus B31733

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