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Eickhoff CPNHZ-195 HLU

Used in GE, Tacke turbines

Drive train - Gearbox Eickhoff CPNHZ-195 HLU for GE Tacke 1.5S

Eickhoff PN: CPNHZ-195 HLU
€ 32.200,00
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Expected lead time: < 1 week
Quantity available: 1 pcs
Product group: Gearboxes
Wind turbine brand: GE, Tacke
Wind turbine type: GE 1.5s
Condition: Used
Warranty: No
Exchange: No
Additional information:

We offer 1 drive train for GE Tacke 1.5S

Type CPNHZ-195 HLU, 1660 kW; Ratio 90.298

used, good condition,

Brake shoe missing on one side

Storage location KSR Warehouse, 25840 Friedrichstadt

Endoscopy is still being performed

Available within 1 week