REWITEC® DuraGear® W100 Compatible with Various wind turbines

The surface coating for transmissions of wind turbines reduces friction, lowers temperature and mechanical stresses. This leads to an extension of the lifetime and improved energy efficiency of the entire system. One bottle of REWITEC® DuraGear® W100 is applied to 100 liters of oil and is compatible with all mineral and synthetic oils.

REWITEC® products can be used on all types of gears and bearings, such as main, pitch or azimuth gears and bearings.

REWITEC® stands for repair and restauration technology and can even eliminate or freeze damages such as False Brinelling, pittings or corrosion, depending on the degree of damage.

REWITEC® means less wear, longer service life and higher efficiency.

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Rewitec GmbH
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Within 3 days
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